Residents help drivers in Washoe Valley

WASHOE VALLEY, Nev. (KOLO) - Despite warnings to stay in, many ventured around and ended up getting stuck over the snowy weekend.

“As soon as I could drive a truck by myself, we were pulling people out during the winter,” says Josh Smith.

Most winters, Josh Smith and his brother Lander work on their ranch and take care of the cattle; but this isn’t like most winters. Residents in Washoe Valley are seeing one of the biggest snow months in a while, affecting drivers.

“This morning we woke up and there were three cars stuck and a couple people already getting pulled out, and so when I was heading back, I was helping one guy out and my brother was helping a neighbor getting unstuck,” says Josh Smith.

Between cattle feeding and snow plowing, Josh and Lander help drivers when a snow storm intersects with the lack of chains.

“We helped a couple people last week, about five cars out, and we had people stopping by, there were thank you notes and everything; it’s just a neighborly thing to do,” says Josh.

For them, showing kindness goes beyond having a nice tractor and good driving skills. It’s to show with actions, and for such a gesture, they take no money.

“Last year we pulled one out and we got a box of cookies in the mail, that's payment enough for us.” says Lander.