Residents grieve, commit to rebuilding after mudslides

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MONTECITO, Calif. (AP) - Residents of mudslide-ravaged Montecito gathered to grieve, pay tribute to victims and commit to rebuilding their cherished community.

Courtesy: Santa Barbara CHP

Mourners lit prayer candles and left flowers as a makeshift memorial for the 20 victims who were killed. They shed tears, hugs and prayers during the vigil outside the Santa Barbara County courthouse. At least four people remain missing.

Bethany Harris, who lives in Santa Barbara, brought her two young sons to the vigil. She said she wanted to make sure they understood the impact the devastating storm has had on the community.

But despite the damage in the neighborhood, Montecito residents still have hope their community will recover.

Santa Barbara County Supervisor Das Williams said residents were exhausted but trying to live their lives normally.

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