Residents and officials react to potential restrictions on pet stores

Published: Sep. 20, 2019 at 12:37 AM PDT
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A meeting to take action for Reno pet stores.

Two local owners, Michael and Leilani Schneider are facing charges for mistreating animals, which is leading the mayor to call for a special meeting.

Michael and Leilani Schneider, owners of Puppies Plus, located in South Reno, and Puppy Love in Sparks, facing felony animal abuse and illegal veterinary practice charges.

"These are living animals, they don’t have a voice we need to be the voice for them."

Mayor Hillary Schieve held a special meeting to discuss the potential of imposing a pending moratorium on the acceptance of new businesses or change in ownership of business licenses for any locations selling live animals.

"You do see these puppy mills that these poor animals that are really used for financial gain and we do not want to see that."

The mayor wants to make it clear that the city stands firm in banning the selling of dogs and cats in pet stores.

Krista Ponto, who has done business with the Schneider’s, says she believes the mayor will get us where we need to be.

"That was one of the worst days of my life, making that decision, i took him to the doctor to be put under to get his teeth checked out, and i never thought that i would leave without him that day."

The meeting was open to public comment, many expressed their concerns on the mistreatment of animals in pet stores.

Nicole Middleton, says action must be taken to reduce the amount of victims within these facilities.

"When you are selling dogs for 5 or 6 grand per dog there is no reason why you should try to administer your own vet care, you can go to the vet for 60 dollars here in town and if you have a sick dog there should be no price to get it better."

Mayor Schieve says, the council will return in about 30 days with a new revised proposal, claiming she will not support anything unless there is a ban.

The mayor is telling me that this ban will focus on cats and dogs, but as the council continues to focus on other locations who have passed the ban, they plan to learn from their success and provide protection for all animals.

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