Sierra County fire near Verdi extinguished

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SIERRA COUNTY, CA (KOLO) - Multiple fire crews took out a five-acre fire Thursday evening in Sierra County, California. According to Adam Mayberry with the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District, 25 homes were threatened.

Mayberry said, “But no structures were lost to our knowledge, but as the smoke clears, it will be pretty smoky throughout the evening.”

He added, “People can expect to see smoke because of the wild land fuels; we are in the mop up stage right now.”

Eyewitness Joshua Kroger said the fire spread quickly. He said, “That thing went up like that.” Kroger continued, “Something must’ve started it right underneath the power lines.” Kroger said, “And like I said we were just sitting around shooting the bull and my buddy points out some smoke and it started as a little flame like this.”

Kroger said the flame grew even bigger. He warned nearby residents and attempted to take out the fire. “I think an off-duty fire guy came up and told us to grab shovels, so we started to do a fire line to protect this house right here, that I think kind of worked,” said Kroger.

Multiple fire crews responded quickly. Mayberry said the weather worked in their favor to put out the fire.

The large plume of smoke worried many residents who waited to get back to their homes and animals. Jeff Andrews said, “It was pretty close; it burned on all three sides of the house, so yeah, a little too close for comfort.”

Another resident, Cheryl Zittle, said, “I was just worried about all of my animals because we got horses and livestock and all kinds of stuff up there.”

Residents are thankful the fire didn’t turn into something even more serious. Ann McCann said, "I am really thankful for the fire department that came out, especially neighbors that dropped everything and came out to help."

Mayberry said the cause has not been determined and no injuries were reported.

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