Rescue boat for air races on standby in Swan Lake

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) A rescue boat like the one HASTY Team members are using at Swan Lake for the air races could mean the difference between life and death.

"This makes things quick and gives people a better chance you know the quicker we get there the more likely we can get there," Heather Garner, a paramedic, says.

The HASTY Team purchased the boat for $1 from Truckee Fire. They say it is ideal for the conditions of Swan Lake.

"It's got a flat bottom so we can easily get into low depth areas with it and it's got enough power to even go up on land as long as it's slick enough for us to get there," Jeff Booth, president of the HASTY Team, says.

Booth says volunteers are on standby in case a plane crashes into the lake.

"Depending on the class that's running whether the jets are flying or the unlimiteds and the jets seem to be over the lake a little bit more because of the size of the aircraft but there's always the hazard of them being over the lake," he says.

Team members say the boat allows them to move quicker if something does happen.

"It gives us a pretty good platform to put divers off if we need to put swimmers off if we need to and it definitely has a lot more power and overall it's been a really good benefit for us," Booth says.

The rescue boat can also be used in the winter for water rescues in icy conditions.

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