Report shows wine drinking is down with millennials

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) A report published this month on the says there has been a marked decline in American millennials drinking wine. In fact, it estimates that only 35% of all adults over 21 were drinking wine at least once a month, a figure likely to be much lower among millennials.

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The report also indicates a shift in the last 2 years if you believe a 2017 study from the Daily Dot, which said millennials drank nearly half of all the wine available in the US.

But as Basin and Range Cellars co-owner Joseph Bernardo says, there’s rarely a consensus with wine drinkers.

“If you lined up 30 people and asked them what they thought of one particular wine, you would probably get 30 different answers,” he insisted.

Bernardo thinks between 20 and 25% of his customers are millennials, and they are always trying to bring more in.

“We’ve only been open about five months and almost all of our clientele is word of mouth,” he indicated. “We give out our little cards that say free tasting. When you give it to a 21- or 22-year-old, they are going to give it to a 21- or 22-year-old friend of theirs.”

More millennials might be beer drinkers, but the owners of Nevada Sunset Winery say that’s who a lot of their customers are.

“We are so lucky to be next to Lead Dog Brewing,” said Sunset Co-Owner Mike Steedman. “They say ‘wow, there’s a winery next door,’ so it opens up another clientele for us.”

Bernardo teaches a class on wine production at his home in Mogul, and says half of his students are millennials.