Report: Gun shot at rock likely caused Lamoille Canyon fire

Published: Dec. 21, 2018 at 6:53 PM PST
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A state fire marshal's report says a wildfire that burned stretches of land in Elko County's most popular tourist attraction was likely caused by someone shooting at a rock.

The Elko Daily Free Press reports the conclusion contradicts the preliminary assessment of a private investigator hired by the Spring Creek Association's insurance company.

The fire started on the morning of Sept. 30 just above the Spring Creek shooting range. It spread eastward into Lamoille Canyon where it burned more than 14 square miles (36 square kilometers) and destroyed a Lions Club lodge and a private cabin.

Nevada Fire Marshal investigator John Boykin was called to the scene on the following morning. Assisted by officer Joe Rodriguez, he concluded that the fire most likely started below a large, white-faced rock.

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