Fallon man confirmed among 11 killed in Hawaii skydiving crash

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HONOLULU, HI (KOLO) -- The Honolulu Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed the death of a Fallon man in a skydiving plane crash in June.

Family members and friends, along with British newspaper the Daily Mail, had already identified one of the 11 people killed in the twin-engine skydiving plane crash on Oahu’s North Shore June 21, 2019 as James Lisenbee. That was followed two weeks later with the coroner's official release after all bodies were conclusively identified.

Lisenbee was 48 years old and had lived in Hawaii since just January of 2019.

In 2016, there was a skydiving accident in northern California on the same plane that crashed in Hawaii Friday.

The National Transportation Safety Board blamed pilot error in the 2016 accident. Its investigation said the plane lost a piece of horizontal stabilizer and its elevator broke off. Investigators also concluded the plane was too heavily weighted toward the back, which was also blamed on the pilot.

When the plane crashed again Friday, it became the deadliest civil aviation accident in the United States since 2011. There were 10 men and one woman aboard the plane, which was operated by Oahu Parachute Center on the island's North Shore.

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