Repair shop donating car to veteran in need

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - It’s the season of giving. For the last two years one local car repair shop has made it its mission to find and repair a used car and hand the keys over to a veteran in need. Preparations for this annual event are underway at CoAuto.

The 2006 Prius needs some work. Too much, apparently, for the former owner. That's why he donated it to CoAuto.

CoAuto owners have made it their mission to donate such a car to a needy veteran every year around Christmas. For the past several months they've been working on the Prius, in hopes of having it in full working order by the holiday.

”Part of the reason I think he donated was also the car needs a hybrid battery, which is an expensive unit," says Vinnie Lucido, co-owner of CoAuto.

Lucido says he and his staff get a sense of what this season is about after every giveaway.

“I didn't know it was for us; then you guys said something, and I couldn't help myself, but break down,” said last year’s recipient, Brandon Hinojosa when Lucido handed him the keys. Hinojosa has a wife and small child. The couple was relegated to taking the bus or getting a ride from friends to get to work or shop for food.

Lucido says many of us take our own transportation for granted. He says they still have work to do on the Prius to have it up and running again in perfect order.

“So for a veteran getting a hybrid, it would mean less gas, less money they would have to spend on the combustibles---- the fuel. So with that new hybrid battery, that should last,” say Lucido.

Lucido says they've worked with other car-related businesses in the area to make this giveaway a reality to a local veteran.

While he says they've had most of the car parts and labor donated, they are looking for one more thing; someone to actually detail the car. If you think you can help them out before December 22, 2017, give them a call at 775-360-5361.

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