Reno's main post office seeing record-setting holiday season

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) It’s all hands on deck this month at Reno’s main post office on Vassar Street, as employees there are dealing with a record number of packages being sent.

Randi Jones is the supervisor of customer service support at the Vassar Street office, and she says business is up substantially from last year.

“Last year we had about 49,000 packages that went through,” she said. “This year we already reached 60,000.”

And that second number only counts the number of packages sent through December 13.

The rush doesn’t just mean a busier scene inside the post office, but a longer day on the road for mail carriers.

“Right after Thanksgiving it was lights out for us,” said longtime mail carrier John Alsasua. “We are working long shifts - 12-hour days.”

Alsasua is accustomed to busy Decembers. And he agrees this one is busier than ever.

“I think it could be record-setting,” he said. “Honestly I’ve never seen it like this.”

Amazon's dominance aside, the rise of packages at the post office is no surprise. Given the fact that brick-and-mortar retail stores around the country have been shutting down, that pushes the business online, and those orders all require shipping.