Reno voters elect to retain Mayor Schieve

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Click for Secretary of State results

Mayor Hillary Schieve has been elected to a second four-year term heading the Reno City Council.

The Reno business owner defeated another business owner, Eddie Lorton, 65-35%. Lorton also competed against Schieve in the 2014 primary for Mayor.

Lorton posted the following message on Facebook:

"Moments ago I called Mayor Schieve to congratulate her, she didn't answer. This was a hard fought race. It was an honor and a privelege to be involved in the Reno Mayor's race. I want to congratulate Mayor Hillary Schieve and I would also like to thank my supporters who worked so hard and supported me with encouragement and volunteerism. Reno is a wonderful city and I am lucky to call it home. During this campaign we made transparency, the homeless, housing and the debt agenda items and I'm proud of that. Let us all come together now as one voice for a positive future for Reno. Goodnight."

Schieve posted the following:

"Reflecting on some life-changing moments in the campaign like my campaign manager Courtney Meredith getting ready to give birth any minute now literally and the loss of Emily Fay Reese we as a team said we wanted to keep an attitude of gratitude.

"I'm proud that we stayed true to our message and we always felt if we had to tear someone down to win then we had already lost.

"Thank you for allowing me to serve what I believe is one of the best cities in America. Thank you to my entire campaign team Courtney Meredith, Chris Meredith, Erik Jimenez, and Tucker Monticelli who worked day in and day out to meet every deadline and door.

"Thank you to Neoma Jardon, Jenny Brekhus, Oscar Delgado, Naomi Duerr, Paul McKenzie, and David Bobzien since this also belongs to you and the hard work of the entire council.

"Thank you to my family for loving me and being my rock in good times and in bad. Lastly, thank you to all of you for loving Reno as much as I do and allowing me to represent the biggest and best city in the world!! We now get back to work to continue to make Reno a better city. Lastly, this one is for you my dear friend Emily Fay Reese."