Reno students fundraising to compete in Washington DC

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Reno High School’s “We the People” team has spent hundreds of hours over the course of the school year studying and competing, and it’s all paying off.

“Our students won the district competition in December, won the state competition in February, and now is going to Washington D.C. to represent the state of Nevada in the national finals,” says team advisor Richard Clark.

Clark says “We the People” is a class that was created by Congress in 1987 to provide more civic education in schools. Clark adds that's important to teach the youth so they don’t fall into the hyper-partisan ways of today’s society.

“This program was created to foster civic education and we are not doing a good job of fostering it, so the more and more opportunity we can foster that civic education, the more we can have people sit down and truly discuss policy and discuss issues.”

During the national finals, 56 high schools from across the country will compete against each other in a simulated congressional hearing.

“I’m so excited. We’ve worked so hard for this and after going through two competitions and finally getting to really where it all happens, it’s super exciting. It allows us to really see what we are made of,” says Reno senior Samantha Clements.

25 students and 9 chaperones are slated to go to the nation’s capital, but the team needs to raise 85,000 dollars before April 1.

“The idea of having to raise $85,000 dollars to compete is intense,” says Clements.

Clark says the trip used to be funded by Congress, but now each school is responsible to fundraise on its own. Clements says the community’s donations will help fund the future of our country.

“This class teaches the next generation how to be individuals that think and really understand what’s going on in their society, and they are donating to a cause that allows for us to be better civic-educated adults.”

This is the sixth time Reno has made it to the big stage. 13th place is the highest the Huskies have finished in the national finals, Reno hopes to change that this year.

To donate to the Huskies you can take a check to the high school.
Incline High took second in the state competition and grabbed a wild card spot and is heading to the national finals as well.