Reno restaurants helping feed our heroes

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The Reno business owners are calling on you for donations and other restaurants to help serve the men and women battling the Covid 19 crisis up close and personal.

Positioned in an 80 year old building. Old Granite Street Eatery on South Sierra Street in Downtown Reno is quite busy serving a particular part of our community.

"The response has been remarkable, they have just been overwhelmed with feeling the support because they really are in a scary position with what they're dealing with and they are just overwhelmed with gratitude and happy to see us,” Co-owner Kaya Stanley explains.
Kaya and her husband Kevin recently created Feed Our Heroes amidst rising cases of coronavirus. It's more than a website. It's a handful of local restaurants who have joined together to provide meals to first responders and they need your help.

"All the restaurants that are doing this have agreed to only accept 5 dollars per meal so obviously they are doing this at a loss because they still have to pay their labor, still have to pay their rent but everyone just wants to chip in. So the more sponsorships that we can get to help deflect the cost...the better," she details.

The idea came from a family friend who works as an ER Nurse at St. Mary’s. With assistance from Liberty Food and Wine Exchange, Cheeseboard, Rounds Bakery, Bangkok Cuisine and others. Each restaurant is assigned a day a week to help our healthcare workers eat a warm meal as Stanley details, “They're working around the clock, because of who they are coming into contact with, they are not even supposed to go into other parts of the hospital, much less go get carry out or go to the grocery stores.”

Governor Steve Sisolak's orders are being felt in every sector. As Stanley tells us about having to lay off employees here and at their other restaurant, Rue Bourbon Reno in Midtown. Sacrifices have been made…but closing she says was never an option, adding, “It just wasn't what we felt we were called to do and I'm glad we didn't because now there's all these people in the ER, Sheriff's office and fire department that we're able to help.”

They are still accepting to go orders to try and make some kind of profit. But the bigger mission, more than cash, is the satisfaction and privilege to take care of those who take care of us.
So far deliveries are being made to Reno Regional, Reno South Meadows and St. Mary's with the goal of adding more stops. To learn more about Feed Our Heroes, click here

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