Reno Police offer Cyber Monday shopping safety tips

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -

The Monday after Thanksgiving is called Cyber Monday as online retailers offer special shopping deals. The Reno Police Department passes along these tips for Cyber Monday shopping safety:

  • Use a single credit card. It is easier to cancel one card rather than several if your card is compromised by online purchases.

  • Consider using a prepaid card. A prepaid credit card will not only help you stay on budget but also limit the amount of money criminals can get if your cred is compromised.

  • Know what you are buying. Confirm all online purchases. Print your receipts to make exchanges, refunds and for any disputes of incorrect charges you may have.

  • Document your purchases and check your Statements. By keeping a list of all the online stores you purchase from, the date of purchase and the amount you spent will help verify any suspicious charges to your account.  Because credit card use during the holiday season dramatically increases for both in store and online purchases, check your statements at the beginning of the year for fraudulent charges.

  • Avoid Public WiFI. If shopping on your smart phone or on a computer, don’t shop on public WiFi networks or shared computers. Consumers cannot guarantee the security of the computer and you are placing your personal information at risk whenever you use a public or community computer system to make a purchase on-line.

  • Know your delivery date and have a plan. Keep track of when your packages will be delivered to your home so the gifts will not be left unattended on your front door. Lots of criminals drive around neighborhoods looking for unattended boxes on door steps.  Have a family member or trusted neighbor keep an eye out for you to take your packages inside once they are delivered.