Reno parents share experience of having child among COVID-19 scare

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - We've all seen the impact the Coronavirus is having around the country.

But what about those who are about to enter the world? Two Reno parents had quite the scare leading up to the birth of their second child.

Life could not be crazier right now for Brenna and Aaron Rose. Between remodeling their house and keeping tabs on their 4 year old daughter, Emi, the couple is now raising their newborn son, Coulson, who is less than a week old. They're doing all of this after a COVID-19 scare.

"When we showed up at the hospital they asked us a bunch of questions and of course the question came up 'have you been exposed to anyone with the virus?' And of course we said yes," Aaron said.

Brenna said she had been around a coworker who later tested positive for COVID-19. The family adds Brenna was the first person that Renown knew of to go into labor who might have the virus.

"Throughout all of this it was them constantly trying to figure out where do we go next? Where do we put her next? How do we get the things we need? You get the idea that they don't know how to take care of you," she remembered. "It's not exactly the most comforting feeling."

Brenna was lucky enough to get tested for the Coronavirus before she went into labor. All the family could do was wait for the results from the Washoe County Health Department. Those results didn't come before she went into labor. So Brenna said she let the hospital know about her situation.

"They called up to the maternity floor and no one on the maternity floor had any idea who I was, had any idea about (our previous discussions), or had any idea what had been said (leading up to us arriving). Nobody knew anything."

"During delivery they finally fast tracked (the test) and we finally got results that were negative," Aaron added.

"They wanted to err on the side of caution but they hadn't made a plan on how to do that and because of that my care was delayed," Brenna recalled of her experience.

Coulson was born healthy and the family is recovering at home. The Roses hope the next set of parents aren't given the same scare.

"I would like for people to not experience what we experienced," Brenna said. "I would like the hospital to acknowledge that, to know this was traumatic. This shouldn't have happened this way."

The Roses say if you're close to your due date call the hospital as frequently as possible to make sure everyone at every level is up to speed and on the same page.

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