Reno mayor hosts housing town hall

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve hosted a town hall focused on housing at Renown Medical Center. The town hall featured experts and leaders on housing discussing solutions to the housing crisis.

"This is a huge subject and there's a lot of different components when it comes to building more houses in the community and that was the conversation tonight," Schieve says.

Several topics related to housing were discussed including student loan debt, low wages, a shrinking labor workforce and increasing supply costs.

"You can't just say hey we're going to do 20 percent of our housing affordable you can put the public and private partnerships as you've done in the city with forward people coming together and stabilizing the housing market there," Don Tatro, of the Nevada Builder's Association, says.

Schieve says that most people want affordable housing but the problem is that most don't want it in their neighborhoods. The negative stigma is something she is trying to squash.

"You have to have compassion for your neighbors and understanding hey you moved to Reno for a reason because you loved it and there were things that attracted you to it well there's no wonder other are getting attracted to Reno and the same reason that you did and we should all understand we want a great quality of life and live as neighbors," she says.

Schieve says she hopes this is the start to finding tangible solutions to the housing crisis plaguing many Nevadans.

The mayor shares she is rolling out a new housing initiative that would bring product to the market in a shorter period of time in the coming weeks.

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