Reno man speaks out after surviving Las Vegas shooting

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Thousands of people had a similar plan - head to Las Vegas for the weekend and enjoy some country music. Reno’s Josiah Dixon was one of those.

“We went down with all the intention of having a great time,” he said.
Dixon and his wife booked a room at Luxor, then made their way to the Route 91 Festival across the street – where the show was interrupted in the worst way.

“All of a sudden we are standing up there singing, and we hear what sounds like firecrackers,” he described. “We figured, it’s the strip, someone snuck in firecrackers.”

Dixon says he was only about seven people back from the stage, which is the direction he and his family headed when they realized what was happening.

“We were laying down, my wife was on top of her mother and I was on top of them,” he remarked. “Some people standing, some on the ground - not sure if intentionally. The poor guy behind me had been shot in the head. Many others were covered in blood."

Dixon says he had a pretty good idea the bullets were coming from above, but he, like so many others have said, didn’t think there was just one shooter – and was worried that whomever was shooting was going to come down on to the concert floor

“For whatever reason I started counting. 50. Then a break, then another 50. We could feel it vibrating though the people around us.”

Dixon lives only a few minutes away from the home Steven Paddock owned in the Somersett area. But when it comes to the shooter, Dixon does not want to talk about him.

“In my mind he doesn’t deserve the fame or the notoriety that he aimed to get. He is a coward,” Dixon said. “People are remembered by what their legacy is. Positive or negative. He can rot in hell. Let’s not forget the bravery of the people there. First responders. For that man, I could care less about him. I don’t think he deserves our memory.”