Reno distillery offers space for arts to thrive

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - A Reno distillery is going beyond just serving drinks.

Courtesy: Ferino Distillery

The Ferino Distillery on 4th Street is providing an opportunity for artists to put their creativity on display.

"We wanted to really show what they have to offer by having this micro gallery of artists that are a little bit older, that have been shown before, and get to express themselves in a new way," said Michael Moberly, Creative Director of Ferino Distillery.

Part of Ferino's motto is celebrating family, history and heritage.

Moberly says, working with an all-ages arts and music initiative known as the Holland Project, makes that a reality. "I want to make sure that the people who curate this culture and these safe places, have a job, and the money in their pockets, so I am excited to fundraise for them and I'm proud to be a part of that community."

Ferino offers a "do it yourself" cocktail menu, where $1 of every sale goes directly to the non-profit. The money is used for the Holland Project's programming, music workshops and skill building opportunities.

Managing Director Alana Berglund says having a space to display these artists' works opens up many doors for them. "It encourages you to keep working, it allows you to take a step back and be critical of your own work and be proud of your own work and it is important to provide those spaces because otherwise there wouldn't be anything that is accessible."

Local artists say the space is a platform that offers endless opportunities.

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