Reno archer makes history

Published: Sep. 28, 2016 at 6:39 PM PDT
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13-year-old Holland Linterman is one of just sixty kids in the entire country selected for the USA Archery Regional Junior Dream Team this weekend in Van Nuys, California. And she's the first ever represenative from the state of Nevada.

"I'm super excited," said Linterman. "It can give me experience to see how the other archers are performing and to show me what I need to work on."

"This is an awesome opportunity for her because she's going to get to go down and work with the top coaches in the country," said Lystra Pitts, owner of Wasting Arrows Archery in Reno. "These are the same coaches that work with our Olympic team."

Perhaps the most impressive part of Linterman's success is that she only started nine months ago.

"When I first started it was very difficult," she said. "You have to practice a lot more than normal when you first start to master the form. Once you master it, you can just come in and practice and make sure it stays consistent."

"She puts in the work," said Pitts. "She's a very coachable athlete. She comes in and she practices really hard. She wants to be good. I think any kid that really dedicates themself as much as she has to anything is going to do really good really fast."

Linterman's ultimate goal is to represent the United States in the Olympics, possibly in 2020 when she'll still just be 17 years old.

"It would be a huge accomplishment and I would be super excited," she said. "It would be a great experience."

"Holland has a great potential to make the Olympic team," said Pitts. "She's on the right path, she has the talent and the drive, and now she's going to this Regional Dream Team camp, and that's the next she's on the right road."