Mayor delivers Reno State of the City Address

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The President wasn't the only one Tuesday night with an update; Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve gave her State of the City Address as well.

Everything from the Community Engagement Fair before the mayor’s speech to the actual address was centered around the theme of the evening, "Changing the Game in the Biggest Little City."

Reno City Council members were even announced into the event in starting lineup fashion.

There was also a special introduction for Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak who made a surprise appearance at the event and told the crowd he chose to come instead of watching the State of the Union Address.

Before Mayor Schieve gave her address, all the council members gave their own speeches; this was a new addition to the event.

When Mayor Schieve spoke, she highlighted a number of ways the city already started changing the game in 2018. she listed a number of Biggest Little City accomplishments, including being ranked number one in job growth in a Best Performing Cities report, a downtown business called Figure adding 250 jobs to Reno, TMCC getting a 15-million-dollar sports facility, using 2.4 million to buy two new fire engines for Reno Fire, adding 1600 affordable housing units, and increasing the number of residential housing permits by 21 percent.

Mayor Schieve says the motel inspection team is one of the 2018 accomplishments she is most proud of and she plans to continue to make sure motels are held to a safe and high and standard.

“Bad credit does not mean you deserve bad conditions. It's inhumane, greedy and unacceptable, especially when they tout that they provide low-income housing at two hundred and fifty dollars a week. I will not waiver on this and I will not cave on those taking advantage of our neighbors in desperate need.”

Mayor Schieve didn't reveal any specific plans for 2019 other than continuing to focus on growth, jobs, the homeless, mental health, and affordable housing.

She says there will be a state of housing address this spring, where she's hoping to work with the community to solve the house challenges facing Reno.

Governor Sisolak appears at Reno's State of the City address