Reno High School students react to Impeachment Trial

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Not only are the students in Richard Clark's AP Government class learning about the foundations of our country but also watching history unfold as the Impeachment Trial continues.

"My overall objective is not to make them partisan, but make them political," Richard Clark said.

Clark says there is no better way for his students to learn than for them to see politics in action.

"Being able to see these things in real time is more motivation for them to figure out where they are on the political spectrum, whether it's conservative or liberal and being active in whatever policies they want to get passed or not get passed," he said.

Students said this was much better than learning with only a textbook to read.

"It's really engaging and it's a lot more engaging than watching it on Fox News or CNN because we have commentary from someone who actually knows what he's talking about," Benjamin Ferido, a student, said.

One student shared he was tired of the partisanship.

"I just like to think that we should go back to avoiding the hyper-partisanship and trying to find a medium where we look for the truth and how it affects the powers that were set out and not base it on hyper-partisanship," Alex Khorshidi said.

Many of these students will be voting for the first time in November.

"To vote and participate and to realize that even though they don't know everything that their participation is just as important because there's lot's of people who vote who don't know," Clark said.

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