Reno firefighters help deliver baby girl

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- The Reno Fire Department was sent on a medical run Tuesday morning and the woman ended up being in labor. That new mom, we’re told, was not going to make it to the hospital, so a handful of firefighters helped her deliver her daughter.

Firefighters go through extensive training in their academy, but it's safe to say nothing could prepare Anna Mathiasen for this, as she exclaims, “Its indescribable, I’m going to remember this day for the rest of my career, my first assistance of childbirth."

The call came in as a medical run Tuesday morning around 8 at a woman's home near Pickett Park. Mathiasen says the woman's daughter was supposed to arrive a few days ago, but the baby girl has other plans, as she adds, “It was awesome being there and we go on medicals for the other side of the on their worst days and so it was awesome being there for one of their best days.”

Mathiasen has been a firefighter for 8 years and has been with Reno for almost a year. “I've never seen a newborn like that before and getting to hold her was just indescribable. She was a trooper and it was just awesome being there to support her during such a magical time," Mathiasen says. "Not your normal run and not your normal day…but it's moments like this that reinforce the joy of being a first responder."