Reno City Hall now has metal detector

RENO, NV (KOLO) - The buzz emitting outside of Reno City Council Chambers is the sound residents will now hear as they try to gain entrance into a city council meeting.

Election security / Source: MGN

The metal detector was installed Thursday, July 18, 2019 and will be officially screening everyone who wants to participate or simply watch the council in action.

“The council meeting July 24 is the roll out of this,” says Deputy Chief Mac Venzon with Reno Police. “And one of the things that is really important is that it will certainly slow down entry and egress. Not so much egress. But entry into the council meetings,” says the deputy chief.

Deputy Chief Venzon says it’s a sound and sign of the times.

Metal detectors are used at baseball fields all the way to airports. Only security here won't be as involved as taking a flight.

The rules are clearly posted and haven't changed since the detector was put in place.

“Weapons, right? No guns. No simulated guns, knives, pepper spray, things of that nature aren't going to be allowed in. Noise makers,” says Venzon.

You'll be asked to take those items to your car and come back.

Personal items like purses and laptops will also be inspected.

A hand held detector will also be utilized when appropriate.

Money from the general fund paid for the $5,000 machine.

Security personnel hired to watch over city hall will also man the walk-thru metal detector.

During any anticipated well-attended council meetings, the machine will be up and running up to one hour before the agenda begins.

Chief Venzon suggests planning ahead, get here a little earlier, and leave unnecessary items behind.

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