Reno City Council nixes industrial development near Mogul

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO)-- The Reno City Council voted Wednesday against allowing an industrial development in the Mogul area after hearing opposition from Mogul-area residents.

The area where the Reno Gateway Business Project was planned. Photo by Terri Russell/KOLO.

The Reno Gateway Business Project is actually outside Reno city limits, but the area lies within Reno’s sphere of influence, so the council had a voice in the decision.

The Reno Planning Commission approved it 3-2.

The 27-acre commercial industrial project was proposed for below scenic outlook point on Interstate 80 east just before Mogul.

The area has been zoned for this type of development for 35 years, but residents note there were few homes 35 years ago and there’s 400 to 450 now.

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