Reno City Council grants more time to StoneGate developers

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- The Reno City Council is holding off on making a decision on the StoneGate development in Cold Springs after the developer asked for more time.

Council Member Paul McKenzie has worked closely with the StoneGate developers and he said many things have been come to terms with, but work still needs to be done on parks agreement, landscape irrigation and transportation.

"The impacts on the community of this development are far reaching and we need to make sure we are going to mitigate those impacts to the extent that we can,” said Councilman McKenzie.

But not everyone was on board, Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus opposed the delay.

"We are stringing things along to advantage one person to present something, rather than the folks who have broader concerns to be heard tonight," said Councilwoman Brekhus.

The developers want to build 5,000 housing units over the next 20 years, but the plan faces strong opposition. Nearby residents presented an extensive list of concerns, a few of them being not enough water being available, fire and police being stretched thin, and traffic on U.S. 395.

Council agreed to resume StoneGate discussions February 14, 2018.

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