Council & Commission approve proposed pipeline for Swan Lake

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LEMMON VALLEY, NV (KOLO) - A proposed pipeline project to move water from Swan Lake to the Stead Airport and into American Flat is moving forward.

The Reno City Council along with the Washoe County Commission approved the plan Tuesday, August 6, 2019 during a joint meeting which also involved the Washoe County Airport Authority.

The city approved an open bid of $3 million to build the pipeline.

Washoe County approved money from water rights sales at $2.5 million to pay for flood improvement projects in Lemmon Valley.

Commissioners also approved the water be used for irrigation on county owned land.

The water pumped through the pipeline will be used to grow crops; possibly alfalfa.

Water levels at Swan Lake could be reduced by up to one-and-a-half feet.

Theresa Kretschmer who lives on American Flat says she was never notified about the proposal, and believes the plan was pushed through without thought to the residents impacted by the pipeline.

I'm concerned with what they are going to grow there," said Kretschmer. "And are they going to spray any contaminates in the air? Do we need to worry about our health? And the water table. They are pumping that water out there, its been sitting there for a long time it has algae in it. It has effluent water in it. And they are going to pump it in our water table and it is going to go into Antelope Valley not just the American Flat area," she said.

While some Lemmon Valley residents said during public comment they were happy something was being done with the water, others said the amount of water taken out of Swan Lake will be negligible.

Engineering experts said the plan will remove most of the water from Swan Lake in three years.

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