Reno 8th grader looks to help prevent pedestrian deaths

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) When you think making the streets safer for pedestrians, you probably wouldn’t expect an 8th grader to be at the forefront of the effort. But for Billinghurst Middle School student Priyasha Landry, a traumatic event opened her eyes to the ongoing problem.

“When I was in 4th grade a girl at my school got hit by a car,” she explained. “I knew it was an important problem that needed to be solved especially now as pedestrian fatalities are increasing.”

In 2018, Landry pitched her idea to the Reno City Council, and since then, she has been making it a reality.

“There is the art element to it,” explained Reno City Councilman Devon Reese. “There are flags on each side of the street that kids can hold as a reminder to slow down, especially during the school year.”

Reese was on hand for the unveiling of the latest painting at Anderson Elementary, which is meant to be lava – with a warning for those looking down telling them not to step into danger.

Landry says there are 13 other sites that either already have paintings, or will have them soon.

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