Reno 1868 and local podcast crew help raise money for non-profit through eSports

Published: Apr. 16, 2020 at 9:22 PM PDT
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Who says we don't have sports right now?

Although Reno 1868 FC will not be running onto the pitch anytime soon at Greater Nevada Field their eSports team is playing and they're putting together a great show for a good cause.

Bradley Palonsky said of his experience "I was very honored to be reached out to by the team and to be told 'hey, would you like to play a video game for us?'"

Rocket League has been all the rage among fans and players of the United Soccer League for the past few weeks. The video game is helping fans bridge the gap between live action and virtual competition with cars and soccer balls.

"The USL reached out and just said 'hey, we're looking at potentially making an eCup with Rocket League. Who would be interested?' So I hit them up right away and said 'we don't know who, we don't know the logistics, but we'll be in," said Kevin Bass, who is the communications and public relations manager for Reno 1868 FC.

After Bass found out none of the athletes on the club were big gamers he needed to find a team. Then he had a realization.

"Who better to represent the club than the fans?"

"I never would have experienced in my life being able to have a professional sportscaster casting a one-versus-one game with me on ESPN," Palonsky said.

Just like that Bradley Palonsky and his friends from a local podcast were gamers on one of the most recognized sports networks around. They even got support from the Reno 1868 FC players and coaches.

"It's just cool to see all these clubs coming together and being able to have something to talk about and something to keep us busy," Bass said.

Not only did the tournament provide some entertainment value it also served as a platform to raise money for a worthy cause. Reno 1868's team represented the Food Bank of Northern Nevada during this run.

"Right now we're just asking people to donate. If you can consider it we're playing for them," Bass said. "It's all about the community."

Bass said the eCup has been so popular the USL is looking to host more engaging events in the future.

If you'd like to donate to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada click below:

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