'Remarkable Golden' retriever connecting strangers in Reno

Published: May. 7, 2018 at 12:43 PM PDT
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Veronica Peterson has turned a defect into a conversation piece.

"They say, oh my gosh, your dog is so cute, what's that on his nose," said Peterson. "So I found myself starting conversations with so many people over his birthmark."

The lawyer at Fennemore Craig gets stopped frequently while walking her dog Judge around downtown Reno. After a while she began asking them questions back; about what makes them unique.

"Why not create a project where people are encouraged to do some humble bragging? And think about what makes them awesome and put it out there," added Peterson.

So she began the 'Remarkable Golden', a social media movement where she documents strangers she meets on the street. There are already more than 100 submissions on the


"What I encourage is to think of something that makes you unique, something that makes you awesome," said Peterson. "Something that makes you amazing or different."

She hopes to take Judge on the road, to document people in other communities. They've already been to Napa, where he was a big hit. He's helped her get out of her shell, and learn more about those living in her community.

"He's inspired me to not only recognize what makes me remarkable, but help inspire that in other people."

Peterson may one day make a coffee table book highlighting how everyday people have amazing stories.

"I told myself, I'm going to start this project. It's worthwhile. It deserves to be out there."

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