Reed's Houston gets chance in NFL with Arizona

Published: Apr. 26, 2020 at 6:17 PM PDT
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There are many big time players in the National Football League who don't hear their names called on draft day.

The likes of Chris Harris, Jr., Tony Romo, and Doug Baldwin never heard their names called through the more than 250 picks of their NFL drafts.

Former Reed Raider Parker Houston now hopes to have a similar professional career.

"It's just a huge waiting game, everything is out of your hands, you can't control anything so kind of just sit there and wait for a call or wait for a txt," Houston said as he patiently waited alongside his parents watching the 255 picks go by.

As more and more names were called the chip started to grow on the San Diego State tight end's shoulder.

"I was a starter for all four years at SDSU and so this is kind of my first real adversity," he said. "It makes you want to prove all the teams that passed up on you that you can play at this high level."

Moments after the final pick was announced Houston got the call he had been waiting for. The Arizona Cardinals would be the team to give the tight end and fullback hybrid a shot to play at the next level.

"We had a little chat about what the future is going to hold and I'm just excited to be a Cardinal," Houston said of his talks with the team's tight end coach and scout.

Now Houston's future is in his hands. But his opportunity didn't come by accident.

"He just has an amazing confidence and it's because of how hard he works and his competitive edge that no one is going to outdo him," said his high school coach Ernie Howren. "It's a dream come true to have a player like him."

"Arizona has three tight ends on the roster and no fullback so what it comes down to is what team is going to give me the best opportunity to make the 53 man roster," Houston said of his choice to sign with Arizona over the Minnesota Vikings.

When the Coronavirus pandemic passes Houston will be able to join his new teammates in Arizona. He and Howren want kids from Northern Nevada to know they can be in Houston's position one day too.

"There were other players that had great talent like Parker, they just maybe didn't work as hard as he did," said Howren. "They didn't put the time in that he put in. That's kind of what sets Parker apart and that's why he deserves everything that he gets. He's earned it."

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