Reed junior's invention a candidate for national award

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Reed High School junior Alex Marsh has come up with an invention that could prevent people from getting infections while in a hospital.

"You can have all the training in the world, but one little mistake could change someone else's life permanently," said Marsh.

She has designed a 1.5-inch wrench that holds IV cords together, preventing them from falling on the ground and getting contaminated. Her teacher was so impressed, she convinced Marsh to submit it into the Samsung "Solve for Tomorrow" contest, which encourages students to show how STEM education can be applied to help improve their local communities.

"The simplicity of her design is one of the things that is so impressive," said Reed science teacher Leigh Metcalfe. "Her project is science, it's technology. It's math, it's engineering. It really tied together all of the components."

The judges agreed. Her project beat out all others in Nevada, advancing her to the second round with all fifty of the state winners. It also earned Reed High School $20,000 in Samsung technology and classroom resources. She's now putting together a three-minute video presentation, where ten finalists will be chosen to make their pitch in front of the judges.

It's not just about safety, either; it's also a way to make things more energy-efficient. The fewer IVs that are contaminated, the less need to use more plastic to replace them.

"It not only helps the environment, but it helps all the people in our community," added Marsh.

The finalists will be selected in March.