'Red for Ed' Rally draws educators to NV Legislature

CARSON CITY, NV (KOLO) Hundreds of educators from Nevada gathered on the front steps of the State Legislature for the "Go Red for Ed" Rally. Those in attendance say they want answers from lawmakers on funding for education.

"We are at a deficit in many of our different counties, Washoe County included, and we're trying to bring people together and say we need to do something about this," Natha Anderson, President of the Washoe Education Association, says.

Anderson says the daily challenges teachers face, such as large class sizes and outdated materials, stem from a lack of funds.

"750 students to one counselor, that's not okay and you're looking at old textbooks. We don't have some of our social studies textbooks, our government classes, where Barack Obama is an up and coming senator. There is something wrong with that, " she says.

Senate Bill 543 aims to revise Nevada's decades-old school funding formula, but some teachers say it sill needs a lot of work.

"The Nevada Plan is long overdue to be overhauled and SB543, while having good intentions, it needs more work. It needs some amendments so that it properly funds all schools in Nevada, including all the rural districts," Phil Sorenson, a science teacher in Douglas County, says.

Anderson says currently Nevada spends about $8,000 per student compared to other states like Vermont, which spends $18,000 per pupil.

"How much money should be going into funding the base? And not just our weighted funding, our EL students or our at-risk students getting free and reduced lunch? How much money do we really need to be able to educate every child?" she asks.

Educators say they will continue to raise their voices for students, schools and resources as long as it takes for change to come.

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