Red Cross teams up with local organizations to help Sutcliffe residents

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LEMMON VALLEY, Nev. (KOLO) - The Tule Fire knocked out the power and shut down sewer and water services for residents in Sutcliffe over the weekend. The American Red Cross is stepping in to help.

Hundreds of families were temporarily displaced while fire crews worked to protect their homes. The Red Cross went to work immediately and teamed up with local organizations to get them their next meal.

While cooks were busy dealing with the lunch rush at McDonalds, their main priority is the 300 people who may not have a meal Monday.

"The local McDonald's operators are part of your community. They live here, they work here and so they're always ready to help out," said Peter Cencer, supervisor at McDonald's in Lemmon Valley.

300 McDoubles and McChickens were prepared in 20 minutes and rushed to residents of Sutcliffe who were forced out of their homes by the Tule Fire. Fortunately, they had help from the Red Cross.

"Any time there's an evacuation if they request a shelter, they request food, we get our volunteers out there and do whatever they need," said Clayton Ridley, disaster relief responder.

Sunday night, the Red Cross teamed up with SaveMart to prepare 400 sandwiches, chips and cookies for those affected by the fire. The plan is to continue finding resources for the victims until its services are no longer needed.

It's the team effort that shines in a time of need, paving the way to a speedy recovery.

"These are people who have been working together for years and they like helping out the community too so it's for a good cause," said Cencer.

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe says power, water, and sewer service have been restored to Sutcliffe, and residents are free to return to their homes.