Recreational marijuana legal in Nevada but not legal to purchase

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Published: Dec. 29, 2016 at 7:58 PM PST
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Even though recreational marijuana officially becomes law Jan. 1, you may have trouble finding weed to buy.

"They have up to a year to figure everything out," Brenda Gunsallus of Sahara Dispensary tells FOX5. And by everything she means how dispensaries like hers will be able to sell marijuana, to non-card holders.

Voters, 55 percent, approved Question 2 in November. Its passing allows people 21 years or older to have an ounce of marijuana. You cannot smoke or consume edibles in public.If you do you could face a $600 fine.

Lawmakers have until 2018 to iron out the rules and regulations of selling recreational marijuana, but Gunsallus hopes it's much quicker. "That's a reason we want to get this implemented soon, so [weed] does not hit the black market."

Nevada will now be in a gray area, where you can legally have marijuana but have no legal way to get it. Another concern is because marijuana is federally illegal, dispensaries cannot use banks. This is a concern which will only grow as recreational marijuana becomes the norm. FOX5 spoke to Riana Durrett, the Executive Director of the Nevada Dispensary Association. We asked her about the banking situation.

"That is a great question, and I wish I had the answer for that," she says.

For Gunsallus, the important thing about implementing recreational marijuana is that it does not impact medical marijuana users. She is hoping lawmakers work out a taxation rate which keeps prices low for medicinal users, and passes extra expenses onto recreational users.

Driving under the influence of anything will continue to be illegal, that includes marijuana. Currently it is illegal to drive with 15 ng/mL or marijuana metabolite in your urine or a blood level of 2ng/mL of marijuana or 5 ng/mL of metabolite.