Nevadans react to President's State of the Union Address

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--U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-NV)--

(Image Source: White House / MGN)

“It’s morning again in America,” said Heller. “During his first year in office, President Trump sharply changed direction away from the failed policies of the past that are accountable for years of anemic economic growth and too many Nevadans living paycheck to paycheck. Thanks to the President’s leadership this past year, the economy grew at the fastest pace in two years, more than two million jobs were created, and the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since 2001. We strengthened our economy by cutting Washington red tape that has been holding back our job creators, and the President signed into law the first major overhaul of our tax code in decades. Tax relief has already had a positive impact on thousands of Nevadans. For example, South Point Hotel Casino & Spa doubled bonuses for 2,300 workers, and the once-stalled Fontainebleau resort in Las Vegas committed to resuming construction on the project, which is expected to create approximately 10,000 new jobs in southern Nevada.”

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act requires employers to implement the bill’s new withholding tables by mid-month, and every income category of Nevada’s roughly 1.4 million individual tax return filers is expected to receive a tax cut come February. Since the legislation was signed into law, more than 240 businesses around the country have announced higher wages, special bonuses, and plans to create more jobs and to re-invest in America rather than overseas. Nevadans working for American Airlines, AT&T, JetBlue, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Southwest Airlines, and Wells Fargo are expected to receive a special $1,000 bonus. Additionally, around 8,700 Nevadans who work for Wal-Mart are expected to benefit from its pledge to increase wages, hand out bonuses, and expand maternity and parental leave benefits. During a recent TeleForum with NFIB/Nevada, roughly 9 in 10 Nevada business owners who responded to an informal poll said they plan to take action that includes increasing workers’ wages and investing in their companies as a direct result of tax reform.

Heller added, “From improving our aging infrastructure to enhancing our national security, tonight the President outlined his priorities that put Nevada – and America – first. I look forward to continue working with this Administration to fix our failing roads and bridges, rebuild our military, address our broken immigration system, and help Nevadans get ahead. I’m optimistic about what we can accomplish in 2018.”

--U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV)--

“We’ve heard this all before. During the election and his first year, President Trump promised middle class Americans he’d fight for them, make big investments in infrastructure, have huge job growth and show ‘great heart’ to Dreamers. He’s failed to deliver. President Trump has offered an agenda that’s actively tried to harm Nevadans in need of health care and prioritized a tax bill that will be disastrous for American families. Along with Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan, this president pushed through a huge tax give away to corporate America and the top 1% on the backs of seniors, our kids and hardworking families. He talked about an infrastructure plan for over a year as Americans waited to see congested roadways improved and deteriorating infrastructure repaired. And this president launched heartless attacks on young American Dreamers that manufactured an unnecessary government shutdown, and continues to target immigrant families by threatening family reunification that allows fathers and mothers to be with their children.

“Americans want Senator McConnell, Speaker Ryan and the Freedom Caucus to stop pitting people against one another, to stop picking winners and losers, to end their attacks on immigrant families that contribute to our communities, and they want this White House to get out of the way of bipartisan solutions. It’s clear that many Members of Congress want to work together to solve these problems and rescue this failing presidency. We just need Republican leaders to get out of the way.”

--Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV1)--

“President Trump’s speech was filled with bluster, hypocrisy, and hyperbole.

“Just as he inherited a business from his father and touted it as his own, the President received a strong economy from President Obama and takes credit without offering any acknowledgement. In the past year, the economic numbers that President Trump once attacked on the campaign trail have become the gospel according to the White House. But in reality, the trade deficit has increased and the economy created fewer jobs in 2017 than it has in each of the past six years. Furthermore the stock market has been increasing since 2009.

“Since taking office, President Trump has demonstrated the ease with which a nation can isolate itself, provoke its enemies, and frighten its allies with rhetoric and carelessness. Tonight, he did the same, casually celebrating the end of regulations that protect our workforce, environment, health care, and civil rights.

“He proposed a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan with no details on how to pay for it. He called for rolling back the clock with a dangerous nuclear arms race; he conflated DREAMers with gang members; and he ignored issues of Russian and Chinese encroachment in our traditional spheres of influence.

“In short, Trump said nothing new, and did little to reach across the aisle. The chanting at the end of the speech seemed more appropriate for a political rally than a State of the Union address.”

--Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-NV3)--

“President Trump’s address was a repetition of many of the same empty promises and misinformation he has been peddling since the beginning of his presidency," said Rosen. "What we’ve seen this past year has been a hyper-partisan agenda in Washington - a misguided and fiscally irresponsible tax bill, harmful efforts to sabotage our health care system, and a divisive focus on anti-immigrant policies. While I was pleased the President suggested tackling infrastructure reform in a bipartisan manner, the coming weeks and months will show us whether this too will become a partisan issue for the President. I was disappointed that the President did not use this opportunity to talk about why it’s so important for Congress to act now to protect Dreamers and bring relief to Nevadans like Nery Martinez, whose family could be torn apart if he loses his temporary protected status. I’m committed to working on smart solutions to the problems facing Nevada families, and I look forward to continuing to fight for my constituents in the year ahead.”