Raiders looking at Reno for training camp. Who would pay?

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The Raiders new $1.8 billion stadium in Las Vegas, now under construction, was partially publicly financed by $750 million in bonds, backed by a Vegas hotel tax.

The financing plan was approved by the Nevada Legislature over the objections of some lawmakers who said the numbers didn't add up.

The plan did not include the new team headquarters slated for Henderson, or for a training facility.

The Raiders currently train in Napa, California, but it has been assumed that would change with the move to Las Vegas. So is Reno in the running for that facility?

Raiders representatives, along with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak and Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve, toured local sites Thursday, including the fields at Procter R Hug High School and Earl Wooster High School, and the University of Nevada, Reno.

Beyond hosting the search, apparently no one has talked seriously with the city or the school district.

Any questions were referred to the campaign of Sisolak, as a Clark County commissioner a key figure in the effort to draw the Raiders to southern Nevada.

So, was Thursday's tour more than a campaign photo op? We can't say. We can say no one could answer our question about possible financing of a Reno training facility site. We were told by one school district official, "We'd love to have them, but we can't pay for it."

And that answer was fairly typical. We did hear excitement about the possibility and bringing the preseason camp here, which would mean hosting team and staff for several weeks each summer and possibly draw some Raider fans, but accommodations would have to be made or built.

Who would pick up that tab is, at the moment, a question without an answer, possibly for another day.