Leprechaun Race benefits Discovery Museum

RENO, Nev. (KOLO)-- Runners gathered in Midtown to take part in the annual Leprechaun Race. In its 6th year, the 5K had more than 1500 people. Proceeds of the event go to the Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum.

"There is no snow, no rain today and it's foggy, which is the perfect topping to a Irish holiday. We had coffee this morning so we are ready to go," said one of the event attendees.

The event is also good news for business. Cadi Schmidt from Holey Schmidt Donuts said the race brought in a lot of customers.

"We've had our coffee drinks lined up, we've had donuts going out the door and we have given samples out in the parking lot."

Prizes and awards were distributed to those who crossed the finish line before the Leprechaun.