RTC '12 Merry Days of Midtown' promotes local biz

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Construction of the Virginia Street Project is well underway, but the large presence of construction cones can be a deterrent for some holiday shoppers. RTC says to combat this, they are launching a new holiday promotion called the 12 Merry Days of Midtown.

"Our main goal when you use the hashtag Virginia Street Project on social media is that you show people that it’s okay to come to Midtown and even though there’s construction going on, it’s not that bad; you can get down there and have a great time,” Lauren Ball of RTC says.

RTC has designated theme days from December 6 through December 21. Shoppers can post to social media using the hashtag #VirginiaStreetProject for a chance to win up to $1,000 in gift cards.

Midtown businesses say they are pleased with the efforts of RTC to help keep businesses up and running.

"Them bringing people down and doing anything they can to help us businesses as long as we advertise for it, I think it should help a lot," Kayla Sisson, JoStella Coffee owner, says.

Sisson says the added parking has kept business at her coffee shop flowing.

"People can park diagonally and walk across the street, which has been cool," she says. "But it hasn't really affected us as much as we thought it would."

Co-owner of Sup, Christian Christensen, says the construction hasn't hit his business as hard as they had anticipated.

"It was scary at first, but it's actually been really good so far," he says. "We haven't seen a dip in numbers yet. We still have a lot of time to go but it's been really positive."