RPD offers pedestrian safety tips

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The Reno Police Department said since the beginning of this year the city has had three pedestrian fatalities. According to RPD's Sergeant Greg Bonnette, police respond to one to two pedestrian and/or bicyclist hits a day. Sgt. Bonnette said not all have injuries, but its still a stark reminder for pedestrians to be careful.

Sgt. Bonnette said pedestrians should use crosswalks, make eye contact with the driver before crossing and make sure the vehicle stops. He also said do not look at your phone while crossing, wear bright clothing to be seen, and don’t run or dart in front of cars. Sgt. Bonnette said when its available, to cross at a stoplight intersection with a controlled crosswalk especially in low visibility.

RPD’s Sergeant Alan Hollingsworth said, “If you're a pedestrian, the crosswalks are there for a reason and they are there for your safety. Crossing mid-block is very dangerous, especially during the nighttime or low lit hours.”

Officials said this is also a shared responsibility. Drivers should also be mindful and careful of pedestrians while on the roads.

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