Baby girl made honorary rescue swimmer with RFD after home delivery

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) One year ago, the Sutich family was getting ready for the birth of baby Kohlaya. Parents, Jeff and Jenny say that things moved quickly and they weren't able to make it to the hospital.

"Before I knew it I felt it, I had to push and I screamed call 911!" Jenny said.

At that point, Jeff was on the phone with dispatch getting ready for a home birth.

"I'm like oh gosh the head is coming and I hear fire department and I yell come on in and they all come running in and save me," he explained.

Within minutes the Reno Fire Department delivered baby Kohlaya, but it was anything from ordinary.

"What we encountered was an extremely rare occurrence was a fully encapsulated en cal delivery which means the baby was in the full amniotic sack an unbroken bag of water," Captain Shawn Grady said.

Grad said the odds of that happening are extremely rare and it was something they had never seen before.

"We were able to do what was necessary to fully suction the airway and have a very healthy happy baby by the time we loaded her on the ambulance," Grady said.

Jenny said she didn't know that the baby was in the sack until much later.

"I did not know that she came out in the sack because of the whole scenario I had no idea whatsoever until probably when we went to the hospital," Jenny said.

Baby Kohlaya is now one year old and the firefighters who delivered her came out to celebrate. The department made her an honorary member of RFD because of her unique arrival.

"There's folklore about the babies that they will be excellent in the water and really good swimmers," Grady said. "And in the spirit of that, the Reno Fire Department, on Kohlaya's first birthday would like to present her with a certificate as an honorary rescue swimmer of the Reno Fire Department."

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