Questions remain as recreational marijuana sales draw closer

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- Dispensaries gearing up to sell recreational marijuana are still in the dark about how the process will work. While many have applied for a permit for retail sale, the processes they need to abide by are still being decided by the state legislature.

"However this falls, we are ready to go,” said Mikel Alvarez with Blum Medical Marijuana Dispensary. "If we have our license on July 1st, if the City of Reno says yes for July 1st, then we will be open July 1st for recreational."

Blum is among 44 retail stores statewide jumping into the process blindly.

"I know they are working on it though. Before we open for rec use, we will have these answers," said Alvarez.

It remains unclear if shops will have to keep two separate inventories. One for medical and one for recreational. The two are taxed differently.

"We are hoping to have just the one inventory and we would just change the price based on if you are a recreational user or a medical user," said Alvarez.

But the questions don't stop there. Certain products currently available for medical patients may be deemed too potent for recreational use. We won't know until the legislative session has come to a close.

The learning curve is going to be steep. When the legislature wraps up Monday, there will only be 25 days to get all the laws implemented and ready to go for the July 1st start of recreational sales.