Questionable auto repair leads to scam investigation

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Eric Rembas has owned DentPro of Reno-Tahoe for 25 years. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. But lately, it appears someone has been using the DentPro name to do repairs with questionable results.

"It's been gong of for six, seven months," Rembas said. "I'm getting customers on a daily basis saying your employee has done this, done that, and I tell them I haven't had any employees since 2007. I've just been dealing with these shenanigans for months and it's really hurting me."

David Marlowe is one of the latest victims of someone using the DentPro name. He was approached in a parking lot - something DentPro never does.

"He drove up in a dark red pickup truck with DentPro logos on the side and asked if we'd like to do something about the paint on our car," Marlowe said. "He said he could do the work at our home in about an hour or so."

He agreed, but made sure his security cameras caught everything on tape.

"He parked his truck in the driveway and had his wife and kid in the car," Marlowe said. "He ran out to get some supplies and proceeded to do the work. I checked it out, asked him what he was using and he showed me a bottle of clear coat. I looked at the work when he was done and it was shiny and looked pretty nice so I paid him and he drove off."

He paid $280 for what he thought was a new layer of clear coat. It wasn't.

"The next day I look and see there's a puddle of pink stuff under the car, which is kind of weird because it was just in the driveway, so I look closer at the car and notice these drips running down the side of the car," he said. "I grab a paper towel to wipe it up and the fluid is pink. So I look at the security camera footage and see his wife handing what appears to be a bottle of brake fluid or transmission fluid to him, which is apparently what he spread on the car to give it a nice, liquid luster. I ended up just washing it all off so it's back to what it was originally."

He's filed a police report, but so far hasn't heard back. Police recommend doing a little research if you're unsure if a company is legitimate.

"They need to have a business license to go door to door, to do any kind of construction, any type of automobile work so ask for that," said Officer Tim Broadway of the Reno Police Department. "Do your research before you give them any kind of payment. These people may seem like they're legitimate but we have seen a lot of scams with these people going door to door."

An investigation is ongoing. Meantime, there's a scam alert on the DentPro website with tips for potential customers.

"It really hurts," Rembas said. "To have somebody that comes in and opens up a business and uses somebody else's name; I'm licensed and bonded through the state, have been since I opened up my business in the early 90's, and this is very difficult to deal with.

The phone number written on the side of the truck in question is a disconnect.