Quartz Lane: Home to some, dump for others

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SUN VALLEY, NV (KOLO) -- Turn west at Sidehill Drive in Sun Valley and the pavement continues on Quartz Lane for a couple blocks. A short distance further and the problems start.

The south side of the road is lined with abandoned, trashed vehicles of all types. You'll find examples of this problem on many unpaved roads on the edge of town, but nothing on this scale.

"Some of it happens during the day, but most of it happens at night. You come down here and there's a new vehicle or one that's been stripped out," says Charlie Stockford, a Sun Valley resident who says he's lived here for 23 years and spent much of that time trying to get the area cleaned up.

The root of the problem, neighbors say, is that no one takes responsibility for the road. It's actually privately owned, legally divided down the middle. The owners of the property on the south side have died, and their heirs apparently don't live there, so that's where the vehicles are dumped.

It's been going on for years and there have been cleanups before, but now it's gotten worse. Last fall, Stockford gathered 100 signatures on a petition demanding the county do something.

"And still nothing has been done about it," says Cassidy Setser, whose home is on the hill overlooking the road.. "We keep hearing bits and pieces of them wanting to clean it up and going to clean it up, but then it's still just here."

The impacts are many and aren't hard to imagine. Think what it must be like to look out your front door every day to all those cars and junk.

"It's a mess as anyone can see," says Setser. "It puts a bar on everyone's life around here."

"It makes me very angry," adds Robert Buran who also lives on the hill above Quartz Lane. "I moved here three years ago and bought that place. And I started complaining to the sheriff's department immediately and nothing was done."

But there are other issues. The junked cars turn this two-way road into one lane at points, or even worse. Stockford says Goodwill recently canceled a trip to his home because its truck couldn't get through. Some of his neighbors have a more serious worry.

"There's only one way in and one way out of my house, and that's down this street where all the garbage ends at," says Setser, "and so if this catches on fire, there's really not a whole lot we can do to escape it."

Some are skeptical anything will be done, but Thursday, the county and DMV law enforcement were out looking for vehicle identity numbers. That's a first step toward removal. The county tells us it's accepting bids for a cleanup and they expect to have the area cleaned up by the end of the month.

If that happens there will be cheers on Quartz Lane, but past experience indicates the dumping will continue.

What they'd really like to see is increased enforcement and for the county to take responsibility for the road itself.

We'll continue to monitor the situation.

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