Quarantine leads to spike in yard care

Published: May. 5, 2020 at 3:24 PM PDT
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Buying plants or doing yard work is the norm this time of year, but with people stuck at home 24-7, it’s become an even more common activity.

Chayce Cassani is the owner of

LLC, and he says that boost is business, has resulted in him looking to hire, as opposed to downsizing, as he says business is up 30-40%.

“I know there are a lot of businesses that are having a difficult time recovering if they do at all,” he said “so we are fortunate in that avenue.”

Cassani says customers have told him that staying at home has made them want their yards looking better.

The boost in business might not be that common, but changes in operations are. Cassani says those adjustments are top of mind.

“We’re not shaking hands with the customers,” he explained. “We are wiping down the equipment, employees are keeping their distance, and the guys in the trucks are two to a cab, before it could have been four in one truck.”

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