Pyramid Lake outlines rules for using fireworks

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NIXON, NV (KOLO) - The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe is reminding the community of the rules for setting off fireworks at Pyramid Lake.

The rules are as follows:

When fireworks are purchased from tribally-licensed vendors within the exterior boundaries of the reservation, a written permit will be issued to the purchaser at time of sale, and such permit will be valid for discharge of said fireworks ONLY at areas designated by the Tribal Council.

Designated areas for discharge of fireworks will be from any beach from Blockhouse Beach to Indian Head.

All fireworks debris must be removed from the site where discharged before leaving the area or the person will be deemed guilty of littering.

Fireworks are only allowed in designated areas, from dusk to midnight. Violators of these rules will be escorted from the site and/or fined.

Anyone who buys fireworks, must sign a waiver releasing the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe of any liability resulting from personal injury, accident or damage to property from the discharge of any fireworks, and from any incidents occurring at the shoot area or shoot site.

By signing the wavier at the time of purchase, the shooter claims sole responsibility of their own actions and releases the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe of any liability resulting of shooter’s individual actions.

Fireworks purchased from the Pyramid Lake Tribal Enterprises may not be discharged outside the exterior boundaries of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. Fireworks cannot be resold.

Shooters must be aware of any fires caused by igniting fireworks within the area of their choosing. Any unsafe practices will result in immediate termination of the permit.

Fireworks permits are not transferable.

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