Provisional ballots counted in Washoe County Friday

RENO, Nev. KOLO) Early voting or voting on the day of elections--chances are very good you would never know who was working a provisional ballot.

The ballots are reserved for voters who did not provide identification at the time of registering to vote, and again did not provide that I.D. at the polling station, or it's a voter in a case in which registration can't be confirmed by current records.

“If we don't have precinct information for them, the only offices really available to them would be the federal offices that we know are statewide. For the provisional ballot, those are the people eligible to vote at least for those offices,” says Deanna Spikula, Washoe County’s Registrar of Voters.

Those ballots were cast and are being held on computer space ready to be counted Friday at 5PM.

Some provisional voters are being asked to supply their ID in person, email or fax before that time.

The other ballots are being checked and re-checked to see if the voters were indeed registered to vote in Washoe County when ballots were cast.

In the past there were more than a 1,000 provisional ballots which had to be verified. This year there are only 105.

Spikula says the reason is that voters were able to cast their ballots wherever they wanted during early voting and Tuesday, the day of the general election.

“Before a lot of times, before the provisional ballot was issued…someone had shown up at the wrong polling place. The fact that we don't have that restriction any more, and anyone can cast a ballot at any location, my guess, it used to be about 50% that was the reason they were given a provisional ballot. All those conditions are actually removed now,” says Spikula.

This year in Washoe County there are no initial election results which could be impacted by provisional ballots. The final vote will be canvassed and certified Tuesday, November 13 at County Commission Meeting.