"Proud to be Reno" unveiled

RENO, Nev (KOLO) Local veterans put their best photography together and have come up with an award-winning piece. The collage was revealed January 23, 2018 at the Veteran’s Hospital in Reno.

Called “Proud to be Reno,” it consists of 66 photographs submitted by about 2 dozen veterans involved in the VA Photography Group.

The photography illustrates what these veterans feel about the community.

The display received first prize at the Creative Arts Festival last year.

One member of the group tells us they almost didn’t make the submission deadline. But in the end everyone in the group came together.

"We knew that somehow we had to come together to do this thing. So we overlooked all of our different personalities and differences, and we came together and put it together. There were some rocky times when we went through it. But we managed to work through it. And we managed to get the product on time,” Anthony Matulich told us at the unveiling.

"Proud to be Reno” is on display in front of the pharmacy at the hospital.

Members were so encouraged about their award-winning piece, many in the group say they will enter the Creative Arts Festival on their own this year.

Group members tell us the VA Photography Group isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s helped them learn more about themselves.