Protect your plants this winter

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) From spring-like temperatures to snow, the unpredictable weather is causing some concern when it comes to plants. Experts say your fruit plants should be fine.

"We are really lucky this winter; despite our wild temperatures, we actually got moisture at the same time the weather has been changing, so that really helps protect a lot of buds and twigs. Usually it's flowers that get damaged first," said Lisa Braginton. She explains the real damaging pattern is if the weather is dry and then clear overnight when it gets really cold that's when there's tissue damage.

There are several ways to protect them from the next snow storms; sprays, old sheets and pots are some of the options. Even though storms may have crushed some of your crops, the moisture brought along with snow was much needed, especially after a dry winter, like the one we just had.

"Because of the moisture cycles that we've had, we may get through and actually have some fruits this year," said Braginton.