Prosthetic goes back to the future

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Prosthetist Travis Humphreys and Prosthetic Assistant Josh Lorimer are making the beginnings of what will be a prosthetic leg.

Josh Lorimer's prosthetic leg.Photo by Terri Russell/KOLO.

Josh helps make these devices for amputees just about every day.
He also helps patients get used to what it feels like to use a device that replaces the irreplaceable.

Josh himself has been an amputee since he was one year old. He says when his kids were young, they would take him to school for show and tell.

“So every year they go to bring their dad in for show and tell, talked to them about being different. And it is okay being different,” says Lorimer.

And that attitude has naturally flowed into his work. He can make a prosthetic leg look much like a natural leg. Or he can take a patient's favorite team and create a unique leg a sports fan would envy. A double amputee who is an avid sportsman asked for these camouflage legs to be built.

Josh himself is constantly challenging himself to come up with a prosthetic unique to him, and something that will put a smile on his patient's face.

“My wife and I were watching "Back to the Future" and we saw the Delorean time machine, and we thought, hey wouldn't it be cool to put a flux capacitor inside a prosthetic leg?” says Lorimer.

It didn't stop there, he has a speaker attached to his leg hooked up to his bluetooth. He can not only play music, but also answer his phone--hands-free if need be.

He got the idea for a bottle opener from another patient's prosthetic leg, and incorporated it into his own leg.

And with new materials and electronics, there's no telling what designs he'll come up with in the years to come.