Proposed changes coming for WCSD sex ed

RENO, NV (KOLO) Changes have been proposed changes to the Washoe County School District's sex education curriculum. Parents have the chance to weigh in on the changes, but the decision will ultimately be made by the Board of Trustees May 28.

WCSD Sexuality Health and Responsibility Education, or "SHARE", coordinator Rochelle Proctor says the changes are long overdue.

"We haven't updated the curriculum since 2003, which is kind of scary and alarming and a lot has changed; let's look at technology-- in 2003 we weren't dealing with smart devices kids have in their back pockets," she says.

Among the issues focused on for the new lessons were text safety, sexting, the legal ramifications of those actions and consent.

"In the past we haven't really talked about consent at all and that's a huge piece, and it's not just for sexual activity; it is for consent in general and making that choice of when they can say yes and when they can say no," Proctor says.

Shari Oates is a grandparent and says she is not in favor of the content.

"It's like TMI, you know; I know times are way different but if I had to take the sex education they're trying to teach with the boys, because when I went we were separated, I would die," Oates says.

Proctor says she understands the concerns of parents and guardians, but this is an effort to include everyone.

"I know a lot of people have a lot of mixed viewpoints on this and believe we should only be having these talks at home and, yeah, I'm a firm believer in having these talks at home but unfortunately we don't have that for all of our students," Proctor says.

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